Change Profile folder location in Outlook 2016 for Mac

The new Office for Mac is great. True to Microsoft's claims, the latest bundle of productivity apps is indeed "Unmistakably Office, designed for Mac."[1].

Office 2016 implemented several new OS X's APIs, including Sandboxing (mandatory for Mac App Store apps, which Office isn't). Sandboxing apps that don't need access to the whole file system is certainly a step in the right direction, however in this case it also brings an inconvenient limitation to the Outlook 2016 - it is no longer possible to easily move Profile (previously called Identity) to a new location (e.g. different drive). To add insult to injury, Outlook for Mac does not have the "Mail to keep offline" feature of its Windows counterpart, which allows to select time range of e-mails to keep cached locally[2]. That can be troublesome if you have a huge mailbox and not so big SSD in your Macbook.…

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Today's ads deserve to be blocked

Sites that I read on a daily basis and I want to support are already in my RSS Reeder of choice. Some of them run weekly RSS sponsorships, some of them don't. I read those sponsorship posts every time I see a new advertiser and more often than not I find a cool new product, company or project to keep an eye on. I like them. They are not intrusive and they are helpful to everybody involved. While I won't read Igloo's millionth sponsorship message, I know that they did their part in keeping the independent author in business and I like them little better for that.…

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Custom excerpt length for Ghost

As of version 0.6.4, Ghost doesn't support per-article excerpt length. Instead, you have to define it in theme's loop.hbs file, which makes it a constant for all articles.

I think we can agree that having the ability to set the length of a preview for each article is a very useful feature.

You can find the code in my Gist. To see exactly which parts of the original code were changed, check out the Gist's revisions.

Once implemented, you can put <!--preview--> tag anywhere in your article to control the length of a preview.

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iMessage share button

When you reach the end of the page here on Happy Shell, there are 3 buttons to assist you in sharing the link to Twitter, Facebook or Reddit, should you find the content interesting enough.

What you might not see (depending on the device you are currently reading this on) is the 4th button, which is displayed only on smaller screens (e.g. iPhones) and can be used for sharing the article via iMessage.…

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Behind the Happy Shell


Slightly more than 2 years since the start of its Kickstarter campaign and slightly less than 2 years since its first public release, I decided to give Ghost a shot.

I've always used Wordpress, but when it comes to blogging, I felt like I needed something more simple and less distracting. Something that would allow me to focus on the content. Ghost seemed perfect.…

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Welcome to Happy Shell

Sometimes you just want to write stuff and you want to put that stuff on the Internet. When that stuff is longer than 140 characters (right↓here), you need a place that isn't your Twitter account. That's what blogs are for.

Welcome to ツ.sh.

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