Behind the Happy Shell


Slightly more than 2 years since the start of its Kickstarter campaign and slightly less than 2 years since its first public release, I decided to give Ghost a shot.

I've always used Wordpress, but when it comes to blogging, I felt like I needed something more simple and less distracting. Something that would allow me to focus on the content. Ghost seemed perfect.…

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Welcome to Happy Shell

Sometimes you just want to write stuff and you want to put that stuff on the Internet. When that stuff is longer than 140 characters (right↓here), you need a place that isn't your Twitter account. That's what blogs are for. Well, I've had a blog(s). Everybody had. And every time I started one, I did so with a strong believe that this time I am going to endure. Well, this time I am going to.

Welcome to ツ.sh.

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